5D LVDS SMD 5032 Oscillator
Model: 5D Series (LVDS output SMD 5032 Crystal Oscillator)
Output frequency: 10~320MHz
Supply voltage: 2.5V /3.3V
Output type: LVDS
Frequency stability: ±50ppm, or specify
Size: 5.0×3.2×1.2mm
Applications: Server, Communication device, Optical transmission device, etc
Specifications and Dimensions

Features Of 5D Series LVDS Output SMD 5032 Crystal Oscillator

Differential Output (LVDS output)

Output frequency range from 10MHz to 320MHz

2.5V/3.3V operating voltage, high speed type

Excellent low phase noise and jitter

3-state function available

Automatic mounting and reflow soldering

Applications: PC, Server, Optical transmission device, Communication device, Fibre channel, Ethernet, etc

RoHS Compliant /Pb-Free

Electrical Specifications  Of 5D Series LVDS Output SMD 5032 Crystal Oscillator

Item /Type5D Series (LVDS Output SMD 5032 Crystal Oscillator)
Output Type
Output Load100Ω
Supply Voltage
Frequency Range10~320MHz
Supply Current
50mA Max.
Overall Frequency Stability*
±50ppm, or specify
Operating Temperature
-40~+85℃, or specify
Storage Temperature-55~+125℃
Voltage Vol (Max.) /Voh (Min.)
0.9V /1.6V
Rise (Tr) /Fall (Tf) Time
1ns Max.
Duty Cycle45~55%
Start-up Time3ms Max.
Phase Noise (156.25MHz) @1KHz
Phase Jitter (12KHz~20MHz)
1pS Max.
Aging (at 25℃)
±3ppm/Year Max.
Packing Unit1000pcs./Reel

*: Inclusive of frequency tolerance at 25℃, variation over temperature, supply voltage variation, aging and vibration.



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