CF 2-Pole Filter
Model: CF Series 2-Pole SMD Filter
Pole: 2
Nominal frequency: 21.4MHz, 21.7MHz, 45MHz, etc
Pass bandwidth: ±7.5KHz min./3dB
Insertion loss: 2dB max.
Size: 7.0×5.0×1.3mm
Applications: Radio communications, Cordless phones, Cellular, Wireless communications, etc
Specifications and Dimensions


Typical 7.0×5.0×1.3mm, light weight and miniature SMD monolithic crystal filter

2 Pole function in a single package

Excellent guaranteed attenuation

Excellent shock and vibration resistance

Automatic mounting and reflow soldering

Applications: Radio communications, Mobile communications, Cordless phones, Cellular, Wireless communications, etc

RoHS Compliant / Pb-Free


TypeCF Series 2-Pole SMD Monolithic Filter
Nominal Frequency21.400MHz21.700MHz45.000MHz45.000MHz
Overtone OrderFundamentalFundamentalFundamentalFundamental
Pass Bandwidth±7.5KHz min./3dB±7.5KHz min./3dB±15KHz min./3dB±15KHz min./3dB
Stop Bandwidth±50KHz min./15dB±28KHz min./18dB±25KHz min./18dB±60KHz min./15dB
Insertion Loss2.0dB max.1.5dB max.2.0dB max.2.0dB max.
Guaranteed Attenuation70dB min.70dB min.70dB min.70dB min.
Terminating Impedance1500Ω//2.5pF1500Ω//2.5pF560Ω//6.0pF1200Ω//1.8pF
Operating Temperature-20~+70℃, or specify
Packing Unit1000pcs./reel

Dimensions [mm]

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