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Miniaturization is a popular trend in modern electronic products, from smart wearables, electronic mobile devices to smart homes, these practical cases in daily life can be described as countless.

Therefore, most electronic manufacturers hope to purchase smaller components, including frequency components - crystal oscillators.

So, what impact will a smaller volume have on the crystal oscillator?

1) The thickness of quartz crystal is inversely proportional to the resonant frequency, which means that the thinner the crystal, the higher the frequency; On the contrary, the thicker the crystal, the lower the frequency. From this, it can be seen that for low-frequency crystal oscillators, the thickness of the crystal will conflict with the smaller packaging of the crystal oscillator, ultimately leading to the inability of crystal oscillator miniaturization technology in the lower frequency field.

2) The equivalent series resistance (ESR) is the internal resistance of quartz crystal, representing the current energy loss in the circuit. Generally speaking, smaller crystals lead to higher ESR. Almost every circuit has varying degrees of ESR. If the ESR is too high, it may have adverse effects on the circuit, such as increased power consumption, increased frequency deviation, and circuit instability.

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The smaller the size and volume of the crystal oscillator, the better for others

Possible impact of aspects

C0 value: When the packaging size of the crystal oscillator decreases, the electrode surface of the quartz chip also decreases. C0 is proportional to the electrode surface, therefore it will also decrease.

Dynamic capacitance (C1): It is proportional to the electrode area at a specific frequency and therefore also decreases.

Traction value (TS): When the crystal oscillator load decreases, it means that under the condition of circuit optimization, a smaller load capacitance will reduce the TS value.

As can be seen from the above, when selecting crystal oscillators, especially for small crystal oscillator series, please carefully read the crystal oscillator specifications and understand the corresponding key electrical parameters to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

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