UM-1 /UM-5 Crystal Units
Item: 6D Series (UM-1 /UM-5 Crystal Resonator)
Frequency Range: 4~200 MHz
Overtone Order: Fundamental /3rd Overtone /5th Overtone /7th Overtone
Packing Unit: 200pcs
Applications: LCDM, TV, STB, Communications, Consumer device, etc.
Specifications and Dimensions

Features of UM-1 /UM-5 Crystal Resonator:

Resostance welded type crystal units

A great number of standard frequncies

Wide frequency range from 4MHz to 200MHz

Excellent aging characteristics

Uniform frequency tuning range and modulation sensitivity

Applications: TV, STB, LCDM, Communications, Consumer device, Cable modem, etc.

RoHS Compliant /Pb-Free

Electrical Specifications Of UM-1 /UM-5 Crystal Units

Item /Type6D /6E (UM-1 /UM-5 Crystal Resonator)
Frequency Range4~24MHz24~100MHz100~200MHz
Overtone OrderFundamental3rd Overtone5th /7th Overtone
Load CapacitanceSeries or 9pF~50pF
Drive Level1~500μW Max. (100μW Typ.)
Frequency Tolerance±10ppm~±50ppm, or specify
Series Resistance40~100Ω40~80Ω100Ω
Operating Temperature-20~+70℃, -40~+85℃
Storage Temperature-55~+125℃
Shunt Capacitance7pF Max.
Aging (at  25℃)
±5ppm /Year Max.
Packing Unit



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