SMD 7050 Crystal Resonators
Item: 6F Series (SMD 7050 Crystal Resonators)
Frequency Range: 6~160MHz
Overtone Order: Fundamental /3rd Overtone
Size: 7.0×5.0×1.0mm
Packing Unit: 1000pcs./Reel
Applications: PC, Network, DSC, GPS, Server, ADSL, Cordless telephone, etc
Specifications and Dimensions

Features Of  6F Series SMD 7050 Crystal Resonators

7050 size miniature SMD crystal resonator with a low profile of 1.0mm

Wide frequency range from 6MHz up to 160MHz

High precision and high reliability

Automatic mounting and reflow soldering

Applications: PC, DSC, High speed network, GPS, Server, ADSL, cordless telephone, etc.

RoHS Compliant /Pb-Free

Electrical Specifications Of 6F Series SMD 7050 Crystal Resonators

Item /Type6F Series (SMD 7050 Crystal Resonators)
Frequency Range6~10MHz10~30MHz30~100MHz100~160MHz
Overtone OrderFundamental3rd Overtone
Load Capacitance16pF, 20pF, 30pF, or specify
Drive Level1~200μW Max. (100μW Typ.)
Frequency Tolerance±10ppm~±50ppm, or specify
Series Resistance100Ω Max.60Ω Max.90Ω Max.100Ω Max.
Shunt Capacitance5pF Max.
Operating Temperature-20~+70℃, -40~+85, or specify
Storage Temperature-55~+125
Aging (at 25)±3ppm /Year Max.
Packing Unit1000pcs./Reel



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