SJK9121 LVDS Oscillator
Model: SJK9121 LVDS Output MEMS Oscillator
Frequency range: 1~220MHz
Supply voltage: 2.5V/3.3V/2.25~3.63V
Output type: LVDS
Frequency stability: ±10ppm
Size: 3.2×2.5, 5.0×3.2, 7.0×5.0 mm
Applications: 10G Ethernet, SATA, Storage, Server, Telecommunications, Base station, etc
Specifications and Dimensions

Features Of SJK9121 Series LVDS MEMS Programmable Oscillator

Any frequency between 1MHz to 220MHz accurate to 6 decimal places

Excellent frequency stability as low as ±10ppm

0.6ps RMS phase jitter over 12KHz to 20MHz

Industrial and extended commercial temperature range

LVDS output signaling types

Size with 3.2×2.5, 5.0×3.2, 7.0×5.0, mm×mm

Automatic mounting and reflow soldering

Applications: 10G Ethernet, SONET, SATA, SAS, Telecom, Storage, Server, etc

RoHS Compliant /Pb Free

Electronical Specifications Of SJK9121 Series LVDS MEMS Programmable Oscillator

Output TypeLVDS
Frequency Range1~220MHz
Supply Voltage2.5V/3.3V/2.25~3.62V
Frequency Stability±10ppm~±50ppm, or specify
Operating Temperatuer-20~+70℃, -40~+85℃
Input Voltage High (VIH)70% Vdd
Input Voltage Low (VIL)30% Vdd
Input Pull-up Impedance250KΩ Μax. (Pin1 Logic High)
2MΩ Μin. (Pin1 Logic Low)
Start-up Time10ms Max.
Resume Time10ms Max.
Duty Cycle45~55%
Current Consumption55mA Max.
OE Disable Supply Current35mA Max.
Differential Output Voltage450mV Max.
Output Disable Leakage Current1μΑ Μax.
Standby Current100μA Max.
VOD Magnitude Change50mV
Offset Voltage1.375V Max.
VOS Magnitude Change50mV Max.
Rise/Fall Time700ps Max.
OE Enable/Disable Time115ns Max.
RMS Period Jitter1.7pS Max.
RMS Period Jitter (Random)0.85pS Max.
Storage Temperature Range
Packing Unit

3225: 3000pcs./reel

5032 /7050: 1000pcs./reel

Pin Functions & Dimensions:

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