SJK9005 Spread Spectrum MEMS Oscillators
Model: SJK9005 Spread-Spectrum MEMS Oscillators
Frequency: 1MHz~141MHz
Frequency stability: ±20ppm
Supply voltage: 1.8V~3.3V
Center spread: from ±0.125% to 2%, ±0.125% step size
Down spread: -0.25% to -4% with -0.25% step size
Output: LVCMOS
Size: 2.0×1.6, 2.5×2.0, 3.2×2.5, mm×mm
Applications: Camera, industrial motors, Printers, PCI-Express, etc.
Specifications and Dimensions

Features Of SJK9005 Spread Spectrum MEMS Oscillators

  • Any frequency between 1MHz and 141MHz accurate to 6 decimal places

  • Excellent total frequency stability as low as ±20ppm

  • Fast startup time of 5ms

  • Low power consumption of 4.0 mA typical at 1.8V

  • Pin1 modes: Standby, output enable, or spread disable

  • LVCMOS output

  • Programmable rise/fall time for EMI reduction: 8 options, 0.25 to 40 ns

  • Spread spectrum for EMI reduction

       Wide spread % option

             Center spread: from ±0.125% to ±2%, ±0.125% step size

             Down spread: -0.25% to -4% with -0.25% step size

       Spread profile option: Triangular, Hershey-kiss

  • Industry-standard packages: 2.0×1.6, 2.5×2.0, 3.2×2.5 mm2

  • RoHS and REACH compliant, Pb-free

  • Applications: IP camera, Industrial motors, Flat panels, Multi function printers, PCI express, Surveillance camera, etc.

Electrical Specifiacations Of SJK9005 Spread Spectrum MEMS Oscillators

Item /TypeSJK9005 Spread Spectrum MEMS Oscillators
Output Type
Frequency Range1MHz~141MHz
Supply Voltage1.8V /2.5V /3.3V /2.25V~3.63V
Frequency Stability
±20ppm /±25ppm /±50ppm
Current Consumption6.5mA Max.
Standby Current
4.3μA Max.
OE Disable Current
6.5mA Max.
Operating Temperature
-20~+70℃ /-40~+85℃
Duty Cycle45~55%
Rise /Fall Time2.5ns Max.
Voltage Vol(Max.)/Voh(Min.)10%Vcc /90%Vcc
Voltage Vil(Max.)/Vih(Min.)30%Vcc /70%Vcc
Input Pull-up Impedance150KΩ Max. (Pin 1, OE logic high or logic low, or ST logic high)
2MΩ Min. (Pin 1, ST logic low)
Startup Time5ms Max.
Enable /Disable Time
180ns Max.
Resume Time5ns Max.
Spread Enable Time
4μs Max.
Spread Disable Time50μs Max.
Cycle-to-cycle Jitter
22ps Max.
Stroage Temperature
Size (mm×mm)2.0×1.6 /2.5×2.0 /3.2×2.5
Packing Unit3000pcs./Reel  or 1000pcs./Reel (2016 size)

Pin Functions Of SJK9005 Spread Spectrum MEMS Oscillators


Dimemsions Of SJK9005 Spread Spectrum MEMS Oscillators


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