32.768kHz SMD 2012 Crystal
Frequency range: 32.768kHz
Overtone: Fundamental
Size: 2.0×1.2×0.6 mm
Application: Small communication device, clock and more
Specifications and Dimensions


2 pads ceramic surface mount package.

2012 size miniature and lightweight SMD tuning fork crystal resonator with a low profile of 0.6mm.

High reliable environmental performance.

Automatic mounting and reflow soldering.

Application for small communication device, Wave clock, Mobile communications, consumer devices, etc.

RoHS Compliant /Pb-Free.


Item /Type7R (32.768kHz SMD Crystal Unit)
Frequency Range32.768kHz
Load Capacitance12.5pF, or specify
Frequency Tolenrance±20ppm, or specify
Drive Level0.5μW Max.
Series Resistance90KΩ Max.
Turnover Temperature±25℃±5℃
Parabolic Coefficient(-0.03±0.01)*10-6/℃2
Operating Temperature-20~+70℃, -40~+85℃
Storage Temperature-55~+125℃
Shunt Capacitance
1.3pF Typ.
Aging (at 25℃)±3ppm at first year
Packing Unit
3000pcs. /Reel

Dimensions (unit: mm):


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