32.768kHz SMD 3215 Crystal
Frequency range: 32.768kHz
Load capacitance: 12.5pF, or specify
Overtone: Fundamental
Size: 3.2×1.5×0.75 mm
Application: Mobile communications, Wave clock, Digital applications, Small communication device
Specifications and Dimensions


2 pads surface mount package.

3215 size miniature and lightweight SMD tuning fork crystal resonator with a low profile of .75mm.

High precision andhigh reliability.

High reliable environmental performance.

Automatic mounting and reflow soldering.

Applicaiton for mobile communications, wave clock, automotive applications, small communication device, etc.

RoHS Compliant /Pb-Free


Item /Type7L (32.768kHz SMD Crystal Resonator)
Frequency Range32.768kHz
Load Capacitance12.5pF, or specify
Drive Level1.0μW Max.
Frequency Tolerance±20ppm, or specify
Series Resistance70KΩ Max.
Turnover Temperature±25℃±5℃
Parabolic Coefficient(0.03±0.01)*10-6/℃2
Operating Temperature-20~+70℃, -40~+85℃
Storage Temperature-55~+125℃
Shunt Capacitance1.0pF Typ.
Aging (at 25℃)±3ppm at first year
Packing Unit
3000pcs. /Reel

Dimensions [mm]


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