206B 32.768kHz SMD Crystal Unit
Model: 6LB Series (206B SMD kHz Crystal Unit)
Frequency range: 32.768kHz (30~1350kHz)
Frequency tolerance: ±20ppm
Size: 2×6×2.6mm
Load capacitance: 12.5pF, or specify
Applications: Smart meters, IoT,Consumer products, PC, etc
Specifications and Dimensions

Features Of 6LB Series 206B SMD kHz Crystal Unit:

SMD tuning fork crystal of lead formed heat resistance

Frequency range from 30kHz to 1350kHz

Small size with 2.0×6.0×2.6 mm

High reliable environmental performance

Automatic mounting and reflow soldering

Application for Clock, Smart meters, IoT, Consumer products, PC, MCU, etc

RoHS Compliant

Electronic Specifications Of 6LB Series 206B SMD kHz Crystal Unit:

Item/Type6LB Series (206B SMD kHz Crystal Unit)
Frequency Range
32.768kHz (30~1350kHz)
Frequency Tolerance
±20ppm, or specify
Load Capacitance
6.0~12.5pF, or specify
Operating Temperature
-40~+85℃, or specify
Storage Temperature-55~+125℃
Drive Level
1.0μW Max.
Turnover Temperature±25℃±5℃
Parabolic Coefficient(-0.034±0.006)×10-6/℃
Shunt Capacitance2.0pF Typ.
Aging (at25℃)
±3ppm/Year Max.
Packing Unit1000pcs.



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