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Harmony Co-prosperity Accurateness Creation 05/05/2010

Shenzhen crystal Technology Inductrial Co., ltd is a group specializing in quartz crystals,SMD X'TALSMD CXOSMD VCXOceramic resonators (filter, SMD), For six years, we have been taking a stepby step out, as the majority small and medium-sized enterprise, experienced process 'grown out of nothing to maturity'. We are nremitting endeavor in the product quality and the service,our crystal oscillator series product not only satisfies the domestic market but also external the demand,which the mass has been exporting towards the Europe, America, Taiwan, and wins the faith of the general customers by the reliable product quality and the high quality service, "SJK" brand also gradually in field budding. We started from the 49S series crystal oscillator product, following close on the market the demand,while produces which can unceasingly increase, marching the SMD crystal oscillator series and high accuracy crystal oscillator series of demand of the communication market.
  From established , the present to develop up step by step every year, the management is facing and developing standardized, specialized direction. The corporattion growth is the process in conformity with optimization,and also opportunity and the challenge in the industry competition. Bigger Crystal oscillator profession market, but competing intensely, there are more than 200 crystal oscillators factories, retails business throughout entire china, and the market demand quantity of zhu delta is big, the majority factory each has the branch office or the office in Shenzhen, so that they radiate to entire zhu delta. We have been continuously persisting "the specialization makes the brand primarily, OEM, ODM are the auxiliary management pattern"; In sales, the network marketing occupies a very important part.
  At present the crystal oscillator market is existing extremely intense competition indeed, this is the pressure also a motivity, must follow close to the market, unceasingly innovates to avoid elimination possibility. Future several years could be excellentmarket of the SMD series , the crystal oscillator as an general part of the electronic components, is going to homogeneity, the price superiority is not too obvious, then this forces the crystal oscillator factory to be able to acquire on the service and the marketing channel under the time, first walk a step, to take the market advantage.. If always hold the traditional mentality to manage, will be eliminated certainly by the market., being supposed to fix the eyes on the high tip market, optimize product structure, surpasses the Japan technical level, thus guide the market.
  Because the crystal oscillator is unreplaceable, the market will be big more and more , the type can be many more and more , the volume can be small more and more , the precision can be High more and more. The crystal oscillator development is basicly passive, from large-scale, the low accuracy to miniaturized, they go with each kind of development of multi-purpose miniaturized electronic products. Our cultural criterion summary: " Harmony Resonance Accurateness Creation". We pursue harmonious development, the pursue unceasing innovation, serve the general customers. 


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