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What are Crystals for? 08/06/2023

Chips are the brain of digital circuits, and the main function of crystal oscillators is to provide precise and stable clock signals for chips, which is extremely important for control circuits, especially for chips. Clock signals can enable various circuits to complete their functions, as well as synchronize electronic devices with peripheral controller devices.

The position of crystal oscillators in digital circuits is indispensable, so if crystal oscillators are improperly selected or applied in circuits, the problems can be countless. Perhaps because of this, once the device malfunctions, the crystal oscillator is often the first suspect. But is this the only answer?

If the chip cannot capture the frequency signal output by the crystal oscillator, there are many possibilities, such as problems with the chip itself (selection issues, quality issues, welding issues, etc.), incorrect crystal oscillator selection (referring to the mismatch between the crystal oscillator and the chip, such as frequency accuracy, working temperature range, load capacitance selection) The crystal oscillator itself is poor (quality is unqualified, the crystal oscillator is damaged in Ultrasonic welding, the crystal oscillator is broken, and its air tightness is damaged), and the crystal oscillator is improperly used in circuit applications (including faulty soldering, too long wiring, wrong pin identification, short circuit, open circuit, wrong selection of load capacitance, improper matching of external capacitance, excessive stray capacitance interference, motor interference, power interference, etc.).

The most frequently asked question recently is: Just touch the crystal oscillator with your hand, what's going on in a while? Is the crystal oscillator broken?

Based on experience, this situation is generally caused by improper application of crystal oscillators in circuits. It is recommended to check whether the accuracy of the actual output frequency of the crystal oscillator meets the chip requirements after power on. If there is a serious deviation in the crystal oscillator frequency, we generally recommend adjusting the size of the external capacitor to improve it. If the problem persists, please consult Jingkexin's official website customer service to further understand some special cases.

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