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The Future of the IoT Industry? A Roundtable Forum 14/11/2022

With the theme of "Integration of Digital Intelligence and the Future of the Internet of Things", senior executives, experts, engineers and integrators of enterprises in the Grater Bay Area gathered together to discuss new outlets in the era of digital intelligence, analyze the future development trend of the industry, and express their views on this transformation.

With the development and popularization of 5G, AI, and cloud computing, the Internet of Things has shifted from virtual to real. It can be foreseen that AIoT will be crucial for future digital construction, affecting thousands of industries. At the roundtable forum, our executives in SJK stated that the digital transformation of the crystal oscillator industry is constantly advancing, and SJK is also continuously improving production efficiency, enhancing production line capacity, and adding bricks and tiles to the digital transformation of the crystal oscillator industry. 

Currently, SJK's intelligent production line integrates production control, production data, quality tracking, and other collaborative tasks into one system, combined with software, hardware, and data have achieved flexible production, enabling one production line to produce multiple models of products simultaneously.

The road to forging a high-end domestic crystal oscillator brand is not easy. SJK has always focused on research and development, production, and making a full range of high-quality crystal oscillator products both domestically and internationally. We are committed to providing a reassuring the "heart" for electronic hardware and contributing to every technological product.

As representative of innovative passive components in the field of digital intelligence and the IoT, SJK shoulders the important responsibility of promoting industry development and enhancing social value. It has been well prepared to use more than 30 years of industry experience to continuously play a leading role in the new round of digital intelligence technology revolution and the transformation of the IoT industry, and become a vanguard in promoting the wave of digital intelligence and the construction of the industry chain.

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